Choosing a Professional WordPress Theme on a Budget

Web Design

Now that you are finished installing WordPress the next step is to choose a theme.

Theme design matters.

The quality of your content on your website ultimately affects the types of clients that you will attract, but having a professional design also works strongly in your favor.
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A Guide to Installing WordPress For Beginners

WordPress BlogWordPress is easily one of the best open source content management systems (CMS) available.

According to the Wikipedia page, WordPress is used on 22% of all new websites which is a significant number.

This is not surprising either as WordPress has made it extremely easy for just about anyone to build their own websites with a domain and a hosting account.
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Choosing a Hosting Company – HostGator Review For WordPress Hosting

Choosing a Hosting CompanyNow that you have a domain name registered, you’ll need a place to host it so that you can put it online for the world to see.

Even on a budget, I would still strongly recommend going with a quality hosting company as it will be money well spent.

There are plenty of companies out there that offer plans for as little $8 a year to host your domains but just remember that you always get what you pay for.
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Registering a Domain Name

Register Domain NameOnce you have a topic to blog about the next step is to register a domain name.

This step is the most important so really take some time to think about the name that you want to use. You can use a personal name, like mine at or you can choose to register a brand name.

The problem though is that most domain names are already taken so it might be difficult finding the perfect one. One great way is to simply add a prefix or a suffix to the name that you want in case it’s not available.
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A Blogging Challenge For Finding Freelance Clients

Blogging For ClientsOne of my favorite writers is Bamidele Onibalusi as he gives some very helpful advice on his writing blog.

Not only does he give really valuable advice by outlining his marketing strategy to getting clients along with his detailed guide on guest posting, but he’s also a huge advocate of how blogging can be used to find new freelance clients.

He even has a slideshow aptly titled How to Use Blogging to Fuel Your Freelance Writing Business which is a must read for those wondering how they can get prospects to contact them for freelance work instead of vice versa.
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